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Social responsibility

Responsibility, responsibility and responsibility. Responsibility - standing in society, should have the responsibility and responsibility;

Ren - able to perform duties voluntarily and truthfully.

Responsibility is ability, but it is far beyond ability, and it is a spiritual character.

Since its inception, Yongfeng has consistently and steadfastly fulfilled its social responsibility as its mission and responsibility, and embodied the feelings of a big country and a big country. Especially in recent years, whether it is to establish a long-term mechanism for charitable donations, committed to social welfare undertakings, volunteer services, etc.; or to create an employment environment, help disabled workers, help the elderly, help donate money to aid education. Yongfeng, who has been advancing, has always practiced the corporate values of “thickness, self-improvement, innovation and sharing” and won praise and support from all walks of life and employees.

In 2008 and 2015, it was an unforgettable time node for the whole society's economic fluctuations and industry crisis. In 2008, the company put forward the promise of “no reduction, no salary reduction, no salary”; on the basis of “three noes”, in 2015, it proposed “not letting an employee fall behind and not pushing an employee to the society”. The employees have a firm, inspiring and promising “five nos” commitment.

The company has long been dedicated to social welfare undertakings, and cooperated with local public welfare organizations to establish Yongfeng Charity Branch and Charity Office. It has formulated the charity branch regulations, rescue management regulations and charity rescue work procedures to make Yongfeng charity work more standardized and scientific. At the same time, in combination with the organization of the company, six charity workstations were set up, and a three-level charity work network of Yongfeng Group Charity Branch, Charity Office and Factory Charity Workstation was initially formed, and a system for serving public welfare was established.

In recent years, the company has pledged more than 80 million yuan in charitable funds. In 2014 alone, in response to the “Charity Month” activity in Qihe County, the donation amounted to 400,000 yuan, and the annual donation of donated more than 1.26 million yuan; in the “Caring for Poor Children and Letting Love Fly”, one-time pledge of charity The fund is 20 million yuan. Not only that, the company also cares about the living conditions of the elderly and poor children in the surrounding villages. Every year, the Chung Yeung Festival sends condolences, rice noodles, grain and oil to the old people; Children's Day sends stationery to the children. In recent years, the charity company's big love has won the high recognition of the society. It has been awarded the title of the most charitable enterprise by the municipal party committee, the municipal government, the municipal charity association and the civil affairs bureau for many years.

In recent years, the company “donated the dream” project, which invested 500,000 yuan each year to support poor students in Qihe County, or as a scholarship for students and students to help them complete their studies; in 2016, the “Yongfeng Scholarship and Student Fund” was established. ", granting scholarships to the "Gender Project" and "Ganlin Project" students; for the employees of the company to enter the undergraduate college, each person subsidizes 3000-5000 yuan. In the past few years, the company has distributed nearly 5 million yuan in grants to support more than 1,000 college students.

Yongfeng, with his broad mind and dedication to the great love of the society, is devoted to social welfare undertakings and educational undertakings, and writes the Huazhang of his homeland.

  • Student fund donation ceremony

    Student fund donation ceremony

  • The company invested in the construction of Yongfeng Primary School

    The company invested in the construction of Yongfeng Primary School

  • Poor college students

    Poor college students

  • Charity award

    Charity award

  • June 1 donation of school supplies to students in nearby communities

    June 1 donation of school supplies to students in nearby communities

  • Issue books to Yongfeng Primary School students

    Issue books to Yongfeng Primary School students

  • Donated construction of Fangsi Center Kindergarten

    Donated construction of Fangsi Center Kindergarten

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