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Detailed introduction

Yongfeng actively entered the real estate industry, and Yongfeng Real Estate and the Greentown Group cooperated vigorously to ignite the banner of the best house in Jianjia Township. At present, it has successfully developed projects such as Dezhou Greentown, Yucheng Greentown, Qihe Greentown, Ande Lake, Villa Group and Chengnan School, and is building a real estate cluster integrating culture, tourism, entertainment and health. In cooperation with well-known domestic education groups, a series of nine-year compulsory education and boarding high school projects have been launched, which has greatly improved the quality of Yongfeng Real Estate and become a rising star in Lubei.

Yongfeng Bilingual Experimental School

Shanda High School Yongfeng Experimental School

High quality kindergarten

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