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Detailed introduction

Yongfeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. introduced the world's advanced steel smelting and deep processing production lines in Germany, Italy, Austria and Japan, and upgraded the production and operation system to form a high-quality circular economy industrial chain. The data center covering production operation, equipment management, energy management and control, safety and environmental protection, public security joint defense and remote measurement six-in-one integrates the entire production operation process and realizes the orderly combination of ERP, process data management and production automation. Reach the domestic advanced level. More than 30 varieties of hot-rolled ribbed steel bars, high-speed wire rods, high-quality wire for manufacturing and processing, etc., have become the industry's fine products, among which Yongfeng brand hot-rolled ribbed steel bars have been rated as national famous brand products; hot-rolled ribbed steel bars, Hot-rolled round steel bars have been rated as excellent products in the metallurgical industry.

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