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The company has a well-developed infrastructure and a strong R&D team. In 2013, Dezhou City-level Enterprise Technology Center was established. In 2014, it became a member of the National Accreditation Laboratory China Quality Inspection Association. In 2015, it established the China Metallurgical Construction Research Institute Yongfeng Technology R&D Center. In 2016, it established the Beijing University of Science and Technology. State Key Laboratory of Technology Shandong Branch, 2017 Shandong Fine Steel Construction Technology Research Center, Dezhou Fine Construction Steel Engineering Laboratory, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, Dezhou Fine Construction Steel Key Laboratory, etc. platform. Strategic cooperation with McKinsey, American Mercer, German Baden Company and Shanghai Youye Company to build Yongfeng lean operation system; established the National Key Laboratory Yongfeng R&D Center in cooperation with Beijing University of Science and Technology; The institute cooperated and jointly established the R&D Center for Steel for Fine Buildings.

It has taken the lead in adopting advanced technologies such as low-smelting smelting and five-cutting of steel rolling in the country; 136 technological achievements have been transformed, and 26 patent certificates have been obtained, including 3 invention patents. The National Patent Office is accepting 129 patents, including 19 invention patents; 15 projects have become provincial science and technology innovation projects.

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