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On August 18, 2002, Shandong Laigang Yongfeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. was established.
In April 2003, the company held the groundbreaking ceremony for the production of 500,000 tons of rolling steel production line and the comprehensive supporting adaptive technological transformation project of 1 million tons of steel.
On November 30, 2004, the company's shareholders' meeting and the first one-time board meeting were held.
In November 2005, the Management Innovation Year kick-off meeting was held.
On September 3, 2006, a 1080 cubic meter blast furnace for a 2 million tons steel supporting construction project was opened.
On August 9, 2007, the 2 million tons of steel··year project passed the environmental assessment and acceptance of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
On May 14, 2008, support for the fundraising ceremony in the Wenchuan earthquake-stricken area.
On June 16, 2009, the company held the groundbreaking ceremony for the ingredient center project.
On April 27, 2010, Chairman Liu Feng was awarded the honorary title of National Advanced Worker.
On September 3, 2010, the No. 3 converter was ignited.
On May 6, 2011, the committee of the CPC Yongfeng Group Co., Ltd. was established and the first party member meeting was held, and the first party committee of the company was elected.
On January 6, 2012, the company held one session of the Staff Representative Conference.
On April 28, 2013, the Dezhou Changhe Real Estate Project jointly developed by Yongfeng Group and Greentown Group held a grand opening ceremony.
On March 30, 2014, the mobilization meeting of the mass line education practice activities of the Yongfeng Group Party was held.
On October 28th, 2015, the German Baden Steel Company expert team came to the company for technical exchange.
On July 29, 2016, Shandong Iron and Steel Group Yongfeng Zibo Co., Ltd. was established.
In December 2016, the construction of the first fully enclosed raw material farm of Shandong iron and steel enterprises was put into use, reducing dust emissions by 1,700 tons per year.
On July 12, 2017, Liu Feng, the chairman of the board, leaned in the lean line of the Shangang Group Yongfeng Zibo Co., Ltd.
At the end of June 2018, the equity restructuring of the listed company Sichuan Fulin Transportation Group Co., Ltd. was implemented, and the equity delivery was completed in early September. Yongfeng Group obtained control of the company.
In September 2018, Yongfeng Group held a signing ceremony for the merger agreement with Sodexo Company of Switzerland and Berkshire Group of Germany, which was the first successful implementation of overseas mergers and acquisitions.
On March 15, 2019, the group company set up the Human Resources Committee, held its first meeting, identified nine key tasks, and took the pace of high-quality development.

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