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Yongfeng Group Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2002 and has more than 11,000 employees. The company is mainly engaged in iron and steel smelting, real estate, municipal services, financial investment, trade logistics, cultural tourism, maintenance and health, education and so on. Under the jurisdiction of Shandong Laigang Yongfeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Shandong Iron and Steel Group Yongfeng Zibo Co., Ltd., Shandong Yankuang International Coking Co., Ltd., Shandong Yongfeng Real Estate Co., Ltd., Shandong Yongtong Industrial Co., Ltd., Shandong Huanghe Ecological Environment Co., Ltd., Shandong Yongfeng Technology Co., Ltd., Qihe Yongtong Heating Co., Ltd., Shandong Yongfeng International Trade Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Yongtong Xingye Development Co., Ltd., etc., invested in shares in Zhongtai Securities, Luzheng Futures, Wanjia Fund, Financial institutions such as the Bank of Texas. The company is one of the top 100 enterprises in Shandong Province, the top 100 enterprises in Shandong Province, and the largest steel production base in Shandong Province. It has built a good pattern of the main and auxiliary industries moving forward and connecting upstream and downstream industries, and has become “create green, innovative, Digital, sustainable humanities Yongfeng is a modern large-scale enterprise group with a corporate vision.

The company has advanced equipment and equipment, and has introduced advanced global steel smelting and deep processing production lines such as Germany, Italy, Austria and Japan, forming a high-quality circular economy industrial chain. The main products and operating commodities are: hot-rolled ribbed steel bars, high-speed wire rods and fine steel for machinery manufacturing and processing, as well as civil commodity housing, coke, slag powder, gas products, steel and coking production process by-products, self-insulating blocks, mixing Mines, imported mines and import and export services, logistics and transportation services. Among them, the leading products of hot-rolled ribbed steel bars are “national inspection-free products” and “Shandong famous brand products”; hot-rolled ribbed steel bars and hot-rolled round-shaped steel bars are rated as “quality products in metallurgical industry”.

In order to further strengthen the environmental protection work, the company put forward the goal of building a “green ecological garden factory” and building a 5A-level industrial scenic spot, and carried out a series of foreign cooperation and exchanges in management and technology research and development. The company has formed strategic partnerships with McKinsey, American Mercer, Taiwan Toyota, and Baden Steel, Germany, and introduced a superior operating system and lean management system to continuously promote management innovation and improvement. In terms of technology research and development, the company and the Beijing University of Science and Technology have established the National Key Laboratory “Yongfeng R&D Center”; in cooperation with the China Metallurgical Construction Research Institute, the “Quality Construction Steel Yongfeng R&D Center” was jointly established to achieve high strength. The development and promotion of steel bars form a leading product and core technology with independent intellectual property rights. By using external forces to promote internal quality improvement and efficiency reduction, the company has always maintained its own competitive advantages and created good economic benefits.

In the fourth five years, the company will focus on the two pillar industries of steel and real estate, and will continue to build a smart manufacturing industry park, highlight the value-added of the industrial chain, and play a capital operation role, so as to move in the steel, Four dimensions of real estate, industrial park and capital operation accelerate the strategic business layout and development. Through five years of hard work, the group company has become a “four-in-one” comprehensive enterprise group.

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