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Party building drives construction and promotes harmonious development. The company's party committee adheres to the idea of "building a party and workers together" and serves the employees well. Organize group activities in a flexible, practical and adaptable principle, organize more than 30 performances, cultural performances and association activities every year; organize a number of events such as free clinics, massage, health lectures, traffic safety training, and reading salons. The types of activities cover entertainment, competition, fitness, etc., enriching the lives of employees and forming a positive corporate culture. Give play to the role of trade union organization, not only from the labor protection products, catering and accommodation, environmental sanitation and other aspects to form a research and support mechanism, to send cool and warm activities every summer and winter. Summer has sour plum soup, winter melon ribs soup; winter has ginger syrup, hot porridge and other dozens of categories. It is equipped with freezer, electric heating barrels, microwave ovens and other living equipment for the first-line positions; annual employee representative meetings are held, and the average number of collection proposals is more than 200 per year, and the rectification rate reaches 84.5%.

The company's trade unions paid attention to the difficult groups, set up a love fund, and saved 23 people in total, paying 340,000 yuan. Each year, the employees who were in difficulty were condolenced, and the total amount of condolences was more than 230,000 yuan. The Jinqiu scholarship was donated, and the total donation was 27.25 million yuan. People, compassionate donation of 6.065 million yuan a day. The union also established a team of volunteers, organized a networking event to solve the marriage problem for more than 110 single youths.

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